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Default Suggestions for forums.

Looking through the forums, they're kinda messy - and the website looks a bit dull apart from the backround. Also the boards aren't layed out very well, and they isn't even something like a "Rules" post, and the PlayStation board has a bunch of random characters after it?. I know that the server is still quite new, but the site kinda gives first impressions on a lot of the traffic here - I considered not playing on the server because of the messy site at first, but I still came for some reason.(Don't mean to be negative there)

Generally, make it more colourful and clean it up a little - apart from that, nice.


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I agree. I think it should be lighter then black and dark to catch the players eyes and also I do think it needs to be cleaned up. I bet if the website gets cleaned more players would stay and try the game.
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